A one-time upgrade, Elf Bar hopes that the US FDA will revoke the border detention list, welcome to dialogue!

A wave of one-off regulation in North America has arrived. There is still a 15-day deadline for issuing import alerts and warning letters. Today, I learned from Haiwai.com that the manufacturer of Elf Bar e-cigarettes hopes that the US FDA will revoke the border detention list! This is also the Chinese manufacturer’s response to the […]

Elf Bar encounters another “difficulty” in the United States?

From the “import alert list” to “ordered detention”, the United States has increasingly tightened supervision on whether e-cigarettes can be authorized for marketing. Concerning today, the U.S. FDA has recently ordered its import inspectors to detain Elf Bar and Esco Bar disposable e-cigarettes from manufacturers and exporters in China and South Korea bound for U.S. […]

U.S. e-cigarette compliance requirements

E-cigarette products have both the attributes of tobacco products and the attributes of electronic products, and they are also consumer products, so they are regulated by different regulatory agencies in the United States. 1. Attributes of electronic products It should comply with FCC regulatory requirements, and the corresponding certification program is FCC SDOC. 2. Attributes […]

Russian GOST R 58109-2018 technical specification for electronic cigarette products

The standard GOST R 58109-2018 formulated by Russia, a member state of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), was adopted as the technical specification for e-cigarette products by the Union’s draft “Technical Regulations on Nicotine-Containing Products” in August this year. Product Specifications The standards required for the application and implementation of the Eurasian Economic Union “Technical […]

What‘s Best Selling and Delicious Vaping Flavors?

Vape Juice Flavors for All We have the greatest selection of vape flavors anywhere online. How do we know? Because we have them all and stock 300+ popular vape juice mkg exclusive flavor. Each e-juice offers delicious flavors for different MKG vaping systems and tastes. Whether you enjoy smoky tobacco or want sweet vape juice […]

Learn these tips for playing with electronic cigarettes, and you will become a master of smoking

Are you envious of watching the smoke show performed by Internet celebrities? In fact, it is very simple, follow ↓ to learn the skills of exhaling smoke, you will soon be able to master the skills, keep practicing, and you will be the next smoke master! 1. Breathe out an O-shaped smoke ring. I believe […]

The difference between MESH atomizing core/horizontal atomizing core

1. The difference between the atomizing core and the cotton contact area 1. Mesh is a grid similar to metal bars, usually made of materials such as iron chromium or nickel chromium alloy. It is designed to increase the surface area where the metal contacts the cotton.  2. The horizontal atomizing core is made of […]

MKG E-cigarette export EU TPD certification process

1. What are Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and article 20? The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is a regulation used to regulate and supervise product manufacturing, sales, display (product design, packaging, etc.) and all tobacco and tobacco-related products (such as electronic cigarette products). At present, in most EU member states, e-cigarettes are regulated and managed as […]

There are several reasons to cause a disposable vape pen not working

There are several reasons to cause a disposable vape pen not working. If the disposable vape pen malfunctions the minute you open the package, then most likely the disposable vape pen is a margin of error. It’s probably something that happened during the assembly process. Because the disposable vape factory produces millions of products every […]

Disposable Vape Pens – A Complete Guide For Beginners!

Disposable vapes are the easiest and convenient way to carry out vaping. It comes as pre-charged and pre-filled with vape juice and since it doesn’t have any replaceable parts or buttons, this can be easily disposed too after use. These gadgets are readily available at vape stores and dispensaries and at relatively cheap prices. Coming […]