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MKG digital display vape

MKG intelligent display vape (or vaporizer) is a type of electronic cigarette that comes equipped with a display screen that provides the user with important information such as battery life, Oil capacity, and other vaping statistics.

This type of vape is typically more advanced and technologically-savvy than traditional e-cigarettes and is often preferred by experienced vapers or those who are looking for a more customizable vaping experience.

MKG vape digital display vapes 6000puffs,The digital display oil capacity and battery capacity disposable vape introduces an innovative and convenient solution for vaping enthusiasts. Combining the functionality of a disposable vape with the added advantage of a digital display, this device provides real-time information about oil and battery levels, ensuring a seamless vaping experience. With the digital display prominently positioned on the body of the disposable vape, users can effortlessly monitor the remaining oil capacity and battery life. The clear and intuitive screen offers a quick glance at the precise amount of oil remaining in the device, allowing users to plan their usage accordingly and avoid any unexpected interruptions. 2023 New Trending – The Collection of Disposable Vape with Display Screen
mkg vape 12ml 5000puffs

MKG disposable vape

MKG 5000 disposable bar is a prefilled with 12ml e-liquid and featured with a 600 mAh built-in battery which can be fast charged via USB-C cable. Jar is available in multiple colour finishes letting you choose the colour that best suits your personal style, for a chic and discreet vaping option .

With a technological outlooking and real grasping feeling, a big sized battery and a 2-5% nicotine strength, this provide you a long-lasting vaping experience .

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