MKG Knight Digital Display Vape 15 ml 10000 Puffs LCD Screen

MKG Knight digital display vape e-liquid display meter Specification:

  • Battery specifications: 13400 greater than 550mAh 5A discharge pure diamond
  • Output power: constant voltage 3.6V
  • Resistance: 1.2+-0.1Ω double MESH
  • Air intake method: bottom air adjustment
  • Suction resistance range: 230±50pa (variable)
  • Oil volume: 15ml
  • Working method: main control panel + LED digital tube screen
  • Charging method: TYPE-C
  • Button function: long press for 5S to turn on and off, single press to adjust power
  • Puff: 10000puffs
  • Indicator color: Suction bright screen display (stay on the screen for 5S)
  • Low battery reminder: The battery level is displayed in four grids, and the fuel level is displayed in a circle with four grids.
    Illustration and function description:
  • 1. The strip light flashes continuously when working and charging (the effect is the same as the fifth generation RELX pole)
  • 2. 11-18w adjustable
  • 3. Smoke icon marquee
  • 4. The appearance is neat and beautiful, and the details are well covered;