MKG New Mold Full Screen TFT Panel Liquid Crystal Animation Display Vape

The latest disposable e-cigarette displayed on the animation screen in 2024 actually fills 15ml of oil 10000puffs. It uses vertical dual mesh cores and a Full animation screen.

It can switch the dual mesh cores and work alternately, which can ensure consistent taste, smooth airway, and sufficient explosive volume of smoke.

Function: Can display battery percentage and remaining fuel level. Press the button once to switch:

  • red fire (powerful mode)
  • blue fire (normal mode)

MKG’s latest generation large-screen digital display electronic cigarette has a pioneering LCD TFT screen liquid crystal display,

  • three-layer partition display,
  • remaining e-liquid level display,
  • battery power display,
  • animation display

and any animation screen customization, such as flames, tornadoes, animations, etc. Customize the brand pattern you want,

which is a leading functional design in the e-cigarette industry,

and MKG has always been the most professional digital display disposable e-cigarette manufacturer.

It also provides high-quality OEM services to customize personalized e-cigarettes for you vape Brand Services

Exclusively designed 1.0MESH core, with a smoother airway than double-core, sufficient saturation and easy puffing with explosive smoke volume.

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