Poland Electronic Cigarette Exhibition ACCK Limited

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The first Poland electronic cigarette exhibition held by ACCK Limited, which lasted for two days, has come to an end. This exhibition has only attracted the attention of a limited number of 10 Chinese companies, and the others are local exhibitors.

The 10 companies are VEIIK, ESMOO, WAKA, Vasououl (occupying 2 booths), PURA, HOPEE (Mingyan Technology), Black bar, VOOM, MERRYMI, and CVIC. As a third-party channel service platform for China’s e-cigarette industry cluster, CVIC paid special attention to the Polish market opportunities this time, and brought “CVIC Vape” published by 40+ Chinese companies such as PEAKBAR to the scene, which won the attention of local dealers.

In the Poland market, which is a big one, only 10 Chinese brand factories participated in this meeting, but many local dealers came, and most of them were large wholesalers. This opportunity seemed very precious.

Especially in the current context of widespread overseas expansion, these 10 Chinese companies can be said to be the most courageous “pioneers” in the Eastern European market. This spirit is worthy of respect. Especially when everyone laments that it is difficult to go overseas and the market is fiercely competitive, the market in Poland in Eastern Europe is full of opportunities, but there are relatively few companies on the scene. Perhaps, China’s e-cigarettes going global also need more such “pioneers” to have a better chance of opening up every market!

One is HNB, and seven are e-liquid dealers. The rest are Polish local brands, mainly AROMA KING, IVG, and GOLD BAR, foreign brands in Dubai, or agents from Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and other channels.

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A limited number of 10 Chinese e-cigarette companies participated, and on-site Polish dealers struggled to find supply chains. This is because Chinese companies lack predictability of the market, and it also means that pioneers will be able to enjoy the great opportunities in Poland.

CVIC participated in the Polish E-cigarette Exhibition for two days and saw the following: 1. Only 35 companies participated in this exhibition, which is not large in scale; 2. The popularity of the exhibition was not high, but some phenomena are of concern; 3. The locals are here Many local e-cigarette dealers, including through channels such as Warsaw, Krakow, and Lodz; 4. These dealers pay great attention to China’s supply chain resources. They are very concerned about the emergence of new categories in the compliant Polish market. Some big mouths are also paying attention.

Poland’s category development is relatively diversified. In addition to disposable, reloadable, oil-filled, HNB, CBD, hookah, there are also snus and e-liquid. For example, you can see VAPY, FRUNR SRLT, AEQ and other e-liquid brands that are clustered together. The proportion of local e-liquids is quite large. 50% of the sales of basic stores rely on e-liquids, and mixed e-liquids are more popular in the market.

The scene is also attracting attention. Even channel dealers from Manchester City in the UK, Ukraine and other places have come to Poland specifically to look for opportunities.

Poland holds an important market position in Eastern Europe. Through the CVIC Eastern Europe team’s visits to channel markets in Warsaw and Krakow, Poland in the past few days, we found that the local market has great imagination. Some new local e-cigarette channels particularly need to understand the resources of China’s supply chain.

Poland has a message for Chinese companies. Poland has a population of more than 37 million. E-cigarettes can be found everywhere in convenience stores and supermarkets. It is common for customers to buy and use them at will. How to open up channels in such a market and how to seize the opportunities in such emerging markets? , worthy of attention!

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