More than 10,000 people responded to the “Smoke-free Generation Public Consultation”!

The “Smoke-free Generation Public Consultation” being promoted in the UK has received feedback from tens of thousands of people, among which the feedback on e-cigarettes has been the most enthusiastic.

According to the official website of the British Ministry of Health, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently announced plans to introduce a historic new law, announcing plans to reduce the appeal and availability of vaping to young people. consult”.

The “Public Consultation on a Smoke-Free Generation” released by the British government is more than halfway through the deadline, and has received more than 12,000 responses. Responses to the consultation also “demonstrated strong concern about the issue”. Meanwhile, a recent YouGov poll showed 71% of people support the bill.

The consultation deadline for decision-making is December 6.

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So what exactly is mentioned in this proposal is very concerning.


According to the introduction, the public consultation details proposals to prevent underage and illegal sales of tobacco and vaping, with plans to introduce on-the-spot fines for underage sales. The consultation is open to people of any age in the UK to share their experiences and opinions and help shape future measures on vaping and smoking.

The proposals currently soliciting opinions include eight items:

1. Make it illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone born on or after January 1, 2009;

2. Limit the flavors and descriptions of e-vaping so that the flavors are no longer targeted at children. We want to ensure that this is done in a way that continues to support adult smokers switching to vaping;

3. Standardize point-of-sale displays in retail stores to keep e-cigarettes out of children’s sight and away from products they are interested in, such as candies;

4. Consider restricting the sale of disposable vaping, which is obviously related to the increase in vaping among children and is extremely harmful to the environment;

5. Standardize electronic atomization packaging and product display to ensure that the device and its packaging are not targeted at children;

6. Explore further restrictions on non-nicotine vaping and other nicotine consumer products (such as nicotine pouches);

7. Explore whether raising the price of e-cigarettes will reduce the number of young people using e-cigarettes;

8. Give local authorities new powers to impose on-the-spot fines (fixed penalty notices) to enforce age of sale legislation for tobacco products and vaping.

From these eight opinions, we can see where the focus is, such as age issues, taste issues, point-of-sale display issues, whether to limit disposables, restrictions on nicotine bags, e-atomization tax and price issues, and fines and penalties. Process issues, etc.

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I believe that in the new year in the UK, new e-atomization measures will be introduced, and the directions will mostly point to the above content.


Aroma King Southern Europe e-cigarette market expansion?

Are leading brands rapidly expanding in Southern Europe?

Recently, I saw a piece of news from the overseas vapingpost website that attracted attention. The well-known Aroma King e-cigarette brand is using the world’s first ceramic coil disposable technology to innovate new products and is launching them into the southern European market, including Spain and Italy.

What is interesting is that Aroma King is cooperating with FEELM this time.

It’s expanding in Europe!

Aroma King is a well-known e-cigarette brand in Poland. It is manufactured in China and its core is the Eastern European market. Now it is also expanding into the southern European market. When CVIC visited the Polish market, it was also found that Aroma King has a very high shelf presence in the local area. Aroma King is displayed on most convenience stores and chain stores.

According to, Aroma King, a well-known e-cigarette brand from Poland, recently launched its latest disposable: Cosmic Max, further expanding its influence in Europe. In the next few months, it will be launched in southern European markets such as Spain and Italy, as well as markets in central Europe such as Germany.

Aroma King has rapidly emerged in the European e-cigarette field since 2020. Its product Cosmic Max is gaining traction in European markets, including Spain, France, Belgium and Austria. The brand’s other flagship product, the Cosmic Box, is also about to be released in Germany, Spain and Italy. And the groundbreaking Cosmic Max integrates the world’s first ceramic coil disposable technology, FEELM Max. Its unique feature is that 2mL of e-liquid can provide more than 800 puffs, while most disposable products on the market can only provide up to 600 puffs, thus creating a new industry standard in the TPD area.

The expansion of the TPD region, especially some leading companies, has already made strategic layouts at the end of the year.

Including recently, we have seen many leaders making strategic layouts. For example, ELF BAR’s layout in the Middle East, Indonesia, and the Asia-Pacific market, and some factories and companies are also expanding their expansion in the Asia-Pacific market and making strategic layouts.

The market development itself is iterating rapidly, and small and medium-sized enterprises are taking advantage of the wave at the end of the year to boost their performance; while large enterprises are making strategic layouts, including the Southern European market.

The trend of market layout in 2024 may have already begun! Southern Europe is also a focus.

As the southern part of Europe, Southern Europe occupies the advantageous areas of the Mediterranean and the Balkan Peninsula, and has convenient export advantages. It is also connected to Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. These regions are connecting to another major development space of the e-cigarette market. In terms of European strategy, they are also many of China’s One of the “fortress” locations for e-cigarette companies to make strategic layout overseas

Value Information

01 More than 50,000 kinds of e-cigarettes have entered southern Europe and Greece!

Recently, the Greek Ministry of Health updated the list of e-cigarette products reported in November. The list now contains 51,899 vapor products, including e-cigarettes, disposable products and refill products.

 Nicotine vapes (e-cigarettes) are legal in Greece and there are 185,600 vapers in the country, giving an adult vaping prevalence of 2.07%. disposable vape in Greece, you may be able to find them at vape shops, tobacco shops, and some online retailers. Buy E liquids from Greece In our online vaping store, Vaposeleccion. Online shop where you can buy E liquids from Greece at the best price.

From the list, there are ELF Bar, SKE, Joyetech, Uwell, ELUX, VOZOL, PeakBar, VapeSoul, VOOM, Frunk Bar, Puff Daddy, Hangsen, WAKA, HQD, FLUM, Innokin, SMOK, IVG, ZOVOO, Solo Bar, Nasty There are many brands such as Juice, VOOPOO, 88VAPE, VAPORESSO, GEEKVAPE, MOTI, SnowPlus, etc. It can be seen that factory brands such as iMiracle, Sker, Wulun Technology, and HQD are already entering this market.

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