TFT animation screen e-cigarette solution

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Disposable e-cigarettes with screens

Disposable e-cigarettes have been iteratively updated in terms of functionality and appearance over the years and are very popular e-cigarette products. As the needs of the e-cigarette consumer market continue to evolve, users are beginning to pursue more possibilities, such as: wanting to know how much battery and e-liquid are left in the device, wanting to avoid the dry inhalation taste and low battery accidents, and making the e-cigarette look more stylish. It has a high-end feel and a cooler appearance. Various demands have promoted the rise of disposable e-cigarettes with screens.

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E-cigarettes are now more popular with display screens. The types of screens commonly used in e-cigarettes include LED screens and LCD screens. In the past, digital tubes were the mainstream, but recently, TFT-LCD screens have attracted much attention. Disposable e-cigarettes with screens are a new trend in e-cigarettes in recent years. Various e-cigarette brands have also launched their own disposable e-cigarettes with displays.


The TFT screen of MKG Technology’s TFT screen e-cigarette solution can display combustion animation, battery power, output wattage, PUFF number, ignition time, ignition mode, atomizing core resistance and other information to provide a better user experience. The main control chip uses py32f030/qfn32, which is also a very cost-effective microcontroller. py32f030/qfn32 is a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core, wide voltage operating range MCU. With up to 64 Kbytes flash and 8 Kbytes SRAM memory, the maximum operating frequency is 48 MHz. The chip integrates multiple communication peripherals such as I2C, SPI, USART, 1 12bit ADC, 5 16-bit timers, and 2 comparators.

MKG technology’s tft screen The tft screen of the sub-cigarette solution has many benefits:

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First, the TFT screen allows users to see the device’s accurate e-liquid and power levels, so users can plan ahead to avoid accidentally running out of e-liquid or power, which also prevents the core from dry-burning.
Secondly, the tft screen can add a sense of sophistication to the device, and the cool animations and display interface make it look more advanced.
The display can also show other information such as number of inhalations, voltage, resistance, time, date, etc., depending on the device model. This could help users more easily monitor e-cigarette habits and preferences.
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HD animated disposable e-cigarettes with screens are already popular products in the overseas e-cigarette market. Just as dual-core disposable e-cigarettes bring better taste to users, disposable e-cigarettes with displays also provide users with Bringing experiences that meet different needs. And as technology advances, we can expect more functions to be applied to e-cigarettes.

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