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What Are The Tunctions of The Digital Display Technology of Disposable E-cigarettes?

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Functions of the digital display vape Introduction Overview of digital display technology in disposable e-cigarettes The Evolution of E-Cigarette Displays History and progression from basic to advanced displays Basic Digital Displays: LCD Technology Functionality and features of LCD screens in e-cigarettes Advancements: From LCD to TFT Displays Transition to more advanced TFT displays TFT Displays: […]

Global E-cigarette Technology Hotspots in 2023: Dual-Core Disposable E-cigarettes

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*Smoking is harmful to health. Minors are prohibited from using e-cigarettes. Non-smokers are not recommended to use e-cigarettes. With the advancement of technology and changes in consumer needs, the e-cigarette industry is also constantly innovating and developing. From the initial open e-cigarettes, to the later compact and portable reloadable e-cigarettes, and now to the current […]

7 Heating Methods of Electronic Cigarette Vaporization Technology

The Mesh Coil Tanks are a series of performance vape tank utilizing a specialized mesh coil structure, allowing for a wider surface area for better flavor From Wholesale to direct factory outlet. The Vape Factory is a boutique Vape shop in New Zealand specializing in personal vaporizers, e-liquids, and vaping

There are three ways of heat transfer: heat conduction, heat radiation and heat convection. According to the principle of heat transfer, heating methods can be divided into: contact heating and non-contact heating, such as resistance heating, electromagnetic induction heating, microwave heating, far-infrared radiation heating, chemical reaction heating, phase change heat pipe convection heating, laser heating, […]

21 Reasons Why E-cigarettes Taste Burnt

After many years of development of e-cigarettes, everyone has gradually established a certain understanding of the taste. The problem of burnt/burnt taste/odor is increasingly concerned by customers or consumers. After analysis, the burnt/burnt taste/odor problem is generally Caused by: The output voltage of the battery pole/Puff Sensor is too high. When the oil conduction is […]

The Popular MESH atomizing core of e-cigarettes, Etching Process is A Common Preparation Method

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The mesh core is one of the common types of atomization cores in e-cigarettes. The preparation processes for the heating mesh include etching, stamping, weaving, etc. Among them, the etching process is a common method. This article will take an in-depth look at its related metal etching processes. This article describes metal etching and types, […]

Atomizer core structure analysis: heating element + oil guide material

The atomizing core can be called the soul of e-cigarettes. It is the place where e-liquid is atomized and is one of the important factors affecting the taste experience of e-cigarettes. From a structural point of view, the atomizer core is mainly composed of two parts, namely the heating element and the oil-conducting material. 1. […]

What is An Electronic Cigarette Puff Sensor(Mic)?

The Puff Sensor is the mainstream startup sensor currently used in electronic cigarettes. The ability of electronic cigarettes to simulate the traditional smoking process is inseparable from the Puff Sensor. When it comes to electronic cigarette Puff Sensor, the most common combination is a capacitive electret microphone + chip, which is installed on the solution […]

Overseas E-cigarette Technology Trends in 2023: Fuel Capacity And Power Screen Display

Disposable e-cigarettes have been troubled by issues such as environmental protection and attracting teenagers overseas. However, because they provide convenience, portability, satisfying taste, and are constantly iteratively updated in terms of functionality and appearance, they have become a popular e-cigarette product overseas. . As the needs of overseas consumer markets continue to evolve, users are […]

Discussion on the Sealing Structure of Electronic Cigarette Atomizer Seat

As a kind of consumer electronics, e-cigarettes will greatly affect the user experience if oil and liquid leakage occur. As more and more mobile phone parts suppliers join the e-cigarette industry chain, they have brought many new design concepts. The upgrade of the atomizer seat seal structure was inspired by the structure of the original […]

E-cigarettes are Popular with Display Screens Differences Between LED Digital Tubes and LCD Screens.

E-cigarettes are now more popular with display screens. It is reported that the currently used screen types include LED digital tubes and LCD screens. In the past two years, digital tubes were the mainstream, but recently, TFT-LCD screens have attracted much attention. In this article, let’s briefly understand the differences between LED digital tubes and […]