MKG bar is a company specializing in the production of electronic cigarettes, and will always be a great brand in the electronic cigarette market. At the same time, we also have very rich experience in the professional field of electronic cigarette technology. In addition, our disposable electronic cigarettes are also exported to many countries and regions around the world, and are highly praised and recognized by local e-cigarette enthusiasts

The MKG‘s most professional e-cigarette brand in China

MKG bar have introduced the most advanced production technology up to the international standard, and used high-quality raw materials and formulas. Thus, we are confident to state that the disposable electronic cigarettes produced are of reliable quality, beautiful in appearance, rich in taste, free of harmful substances such as tar, and comply with FA\DA, CE Such quality standards are an ideal substitute for traditional cigarettes.

raditional cigarettes are extremely harmful to the human body and the environment. If you want to quit smoking or want a healthier way of smoking, our disposable electronic cigarettes will be your most trusted choice. There is no need to charge, or to carry the charger, it is very convenient and ideally user-friendly. if you are intrigued to purchase disposable vapes, you are always welcome to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

The process flow of disposable electronic cigarettes: battery rod assembly → atomizer core assembly → atomizer assembly.

Battery rod assembly: battery test→welding spring pin→welding battery negative and positive electrode→installing battery→set outer tube→gluing water→testing→aging test→appearance cleaning and inspection.

Atomizing core assembly: measuring the resistance of the heating wire → measuring the thickness of the cotton → installing the bracket magnet → installing the silicone ring → installing small oil-absorbing cotton → wrapping cotton → installing the atomizer bracket → blowing ceramic core → ceramic core oil injection → installing the bracket assembly → mist Chemical wicking resistance → visual inspection.

Atomizer assembly: install oil-absorbent cotton → automatic dispensing of oil cup → oil injection → bracket assembly into the oil cup → press base → airflow/resistance test → resistance measurement and appearance inspection → appearance cleaning → install oil-absorbent cotton into rubber sleeve → install silica gel Sleeve → play capsule → shrink sac.

vape mesh coil

Further Explanation

MKG vapor is the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of disposable electronic cigarettes, and our disposable electronic cigarettes have always been at the leading level in the industry. A disposable e cigarette is shaped to replicate the feel and shape of a traditional cigarette but instead of containing dried tobacco leaves within, a disposable e cigarette contains a cartridge of nicotine-based liquid which is heated by an internal battery that converts its power output into wattage that heats up elements and creates vapor which is then inhaled through the of the disposable cigarette. We can provide consumers with high-quality and inexpensive disposable e-cigarettes, for one thing, they are very portable and are smart for going anywhere or travelling. They are also easy and convenient to use, other than being exciting. After all, you can try them in different flavours. These devices are definitely worth their cost, and you can use them in a jiffy.

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