ELF BAR takes the lead in pushing pod? Disposable is quietly moving towards “pod system”! ?

A recent piece of news is surprising. As an important global e-cigarette giant, ELF BAR has taken the lead in launching the cartridge changer in some important European countries (such as Germany, Spain, and Italy).
And it has just launched more than 3,000 stores in the UK and other European countries to recycle disposables, which reflects the concern for disposable environmental protection issues, and the launch of the bomb change is a strategic promotion that focuses on the future sustainable development of electronic cigarettes.
As an e-cigarette giant and a disposable vape brand giant, its move to push the cartridges to the market has also attracted the attention of the industry. It also made it clear that this is the result of enriching the product portfolio and adapting to market trends.
In fact, since April this year, it has been reported from major exhibitions in Germany and Italy that the bomb change may be a one-time future replacement. Why is that? Because the reloading type is more non-wasteful, it solves the current environmental protection problem of disposable vape use, and even the British channel giant has expressed its position and called on the industry to pay attention to the reloading type.
The market trajectory of e-cigarettes is so magical, and the bomb change is “returning”? Recalling that ELF BAR swept the world at disposable vape at that time, will the lead this time usher in the return of the “pod system”? Moreover, the shape and taste of e-liquid are similar. Could it be to allow disposable vape users to transition smoothly?
                                                                 Changes in the German market
The disposable vape impact of the tax increase on e-liquid, leading to the pursuit of the direction of changing bombs?
For example, at an e-cigarette event in Stuttgart, Germany, relevant brand people said that the popularity of disposable products in Germany is currently declining, and the market is turning to bomb replacement products. The core of this is because Germany introduced a tax increase on e-cigarette oil in July last year, which is basically equivalent to a tax of 2 euros per e-cigarette.
Simon Bauer, chairman of the German Electronic Cigarette Association, also said recently that due to the promulgation of the German electronic cigarette tax policy, nearly half of the electronic cigarette shops in the country have closed.
                                                                     Spain’s changing winds
Compared with any country in Europe, Spain’s 0Ni products are the hottest sellers.
First, Spain has no restrictions on the 0 Ni policy, and even a Spanish e-cigarette exhibition in June this year encouraged merchants to display 0 Ni products.
In the Spanish 0 Ni market, well-known brands such as ELF BAR and ELUX are focusing on promoting disposable 0 Ni, and the sales are good. For example, in Spain, ELF BAR and WAKA mainly sell zero-nicotine products, and they are still the mainstream in the Spanish market. In contrast, other brands mostly offer products with 2% nicotine content.
Many merchants in this event in Spain also said that the development prospects of disposable electronic cigarette products have been questioned, while the category of bomb-changing electronic cigarettes is favored by industry insiders.
However, some people believe that 0 Ni is just a transitional product in Spain, mainly because it is easy to enter the market. Because many brands will sell zero-nicotine products before the products have passed the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) certification. In addition, consumers are also willing to purchase zero-nicotine products for various reasons such as health concerns.
The future of Spain is still dominated by nicotine, especially the reload type or open type.
Many merchants in Spain have also reported this point. The development of disposable electronic cigarettes is about to usher in a turning point, and bomb-changing electronic cigarettes may become the “beneficiaries” of this turning point. Pablo, head of the Western European market for the e-cigarette brand ANYX, also said that the popularity of disposable e-cigarette products in Spain is declining, and the market is turning to bomb-changing products.
                                                             Changes in the appeal of UK distributors
The environmental problems brought about by one-off and the challenges of policy supervision have made many people in the industry question one-off, especially the attention of government regulators.
Even channel providers closely related to the terminal market are also paying attention to the future choices of e-cigarettes.
For example, the British distributor giant Aquavape also called on thousands of retail stores across the country to take the initiative to choose the refill type, because the refill type not only has no problems such as disposable environmental protection, but also has good profits and can enrich the “shopping basket”. And this important channel provider also supplies products to more than 10,000 retail channels in the UK. There are many Chinese brands on its mall, such as ELF BAR, ELUX, SMOK, etc.
Its managing director, Ebrahim Kathrada, called on retailers across the UK to say, “We urge retailers to focus on pod systems as they ensure consumers have a sustainable future for vaping. The suggested retail price of the pen is cheaper, but retailers will still make the same profit as if we offer a competitive price.”
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Compared with Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, and even countries such as Russia, due to the cost-effectiveness of disposable products, it is believed that the obvious trend in the future e-cigarette market is to switch from disposable e-cigarettes to open-type e-cigarettes, because open-type e-liquid options are more convenient. free.
Even in the Middle East, oil-filled open-style e-cigarettes account for more than 40%, with a large scale and a large number of consumers.
However, compared with the open type, the bomb-changing type adopts a closed type, which is also welcomed by many countries. It is convenient to protect some minor consumers from contacting, and it also conforms to the principle of sustainable use such as recycling.
Perhaps, various e-cigarette activities are conveying some voices of manufacturers/brands/channels-the trend of changing bombs. But whether the reloading type will replace the disposable in the European market or the global market is still a question mark.

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