Exclusive interview with MYVAPOR, a well-known e-cigarette dealer in Poland

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Recently in Warsaw, Poland, we had a special interview with MR ABNER ZHANG, CEO of a well-known local e-cigarette chain store dealer in Poland.

MR ABNER ZHANG said that after three years of changes, consumers have become less willing and tired, and they are more willing to try some new products. For example, at this time, equipment products such as POD are more suitable for consumers because they have stronger functions and are portable. I believe that the growth rate of such products will be faster in the future. At the same time, he said that there is actually a good chance for new brands to enter the Polish market. As long as it meets the local TPD registration certification and obtains a tax label, it can be sold in the market. The best sales store here can achieve sales of 1,500 US dollars a day, which is equivalent to 300,000 yuan a month.

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Let’s take a look at MR ABNER ZHANG, the head of Polish e-cigarette distributor MYVAPOR, for his insights into the Polish market and how Chinese brands can enter the Polish market.

Here, MR ABNER ZHANG also emphasized that Chinese e-liquids in Poland will have greater opportunities in this market. Because consumers have accepted more flavors of this kind of e-liquid at one time, and these e-liquids are concentrated in the production of Chinese e-liquid manufacturers, it is an opportunity for Chinese e-liquid manufacturers. After all, Chinese e-liquid manufacturers have a relatively strong influence on the market. Being familiar with it can make the production and output of finished e-liquids easier.

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