Mature British e-cigarette market

          Product innovation

The innovation of electronic cigarettes can no longer stop at the appearance, but also needs to innovate in technology and function.

This time Birmingham also saw ELF BAR also launching snus at the main booth. This was launched in conjunction with the demand for snus in the European market and is also a necessity for enterprises to diversify their development; YUOTO is also launching its own cigarettes in Birmingham. Oil; Snowplus launches the first 5000 puff disposable disposable that meets TPD standards. The core is designed with a cigarette cartridge + replaceable oil tank. The original cigarette cartridge needs to be removed and replaced with a large-capacity cigarette oil tank… these The approach is essentially to innovate according to different users and demand scenarios.

At the same time, it was discovered that based on the possible impact of the one-time policy, almost all brands in Birmingham have launched reloadable and even oil-refillable products this time.

For example, ELFBAR’s reloadable product ELFA and LOST MARY’s first high-end flagship reloadable product TAPPO; HQD launched a reloadable product called Cirak; ELUX’s newly exhibited reloadable product is called ZERON; SKE will launch a new The airflow-adjusted version of SKE Crystal Plus, a reloading product; UWELL’s new reloading and oiling equipment, CALIBURN G3 equipment, the design concept of “small size, excellent quality” attracts more attention, and the battery capacity is increased compared to G2 20%, bringing a new experience.

I found a creative reloader on site, which is the orange double reloader of VAPER PAD’s SOLO series. It has a small number of holes, an interesting design, easy operation, and can be charged wirelessly. It is more in line with future European trends.

The person in charge of the LOST CLOUD brand also introduced the functional changes of their products on site, and upgraded their products around oil core separation technology.

One of JUICY GRAPE’s molds is also quite innovative. The box is orange and the cigarette holder can be snapped out. It is a very sophisticated design and has a screen. The whole thing looks like a “container”.

At the Birmingham exhibition, we also visited ELF BAR, UWELL, VOOPOO, ELUX, HQD, PEAK BAR, MR FOG, FUMOT, VOZOL, VNSN, MOKI, BOTON, SMOK, LOST CLOUD, ANYX, DOVPO, ARKMOON, ABUFAN, Snowplus At the same time, we also communicated with local British distributors on site, and conducted interviews with key people such as the boss of LUCKY (an Indian businessman), one of the four major channel leaders in Manchester City, and the president of South Korea’s IGNIS Kim Dae Jong.

In order to understand the e-cigarette channel relationship in Birmingham, we conducted in-depth visits to terminal channel stores in Birmingham such as TABLITES and EVAPO. The brands with high visibility in these channels are still ELF BAR, ASPIRE, OXVA, VAPORESSO, and VOOPOO.

At the same time, CVIC is currently going deep into Manchester, the first-level wholesale market of e-cigarettes in the UK, to acquire customers for Chinese cooperative enterprises. In particular, it has visited VAPE 360°, EVAPO, VAPE MAN, DRAGON DISCOUNT Deals, VERISURE, Distribution Centre, CASH CARRY, iBreathe and other channel vendors. . While acquiring customers in Manchester, we also make key promotions for some in-depth cooperative companies, such as RINCOE and other well-known brands that have just entered the British market, to core channel providers.

Merchants at the Manchester Wholesale Market in the UK are not selling a large number of disposables. They are just learning about reloading and stocking up. There is still a large amount of disposables in the market.

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