Main Factors Affecting Vape Throat Hit

A throat hit is the feeling and satisfaction that you get in the back of your throat and lungs after inhaling a nicotine-based vapor. Our knowledgeable vaping

The throat hit is an evaluation point that people in the e-cigarette industry often talk about. So what is the throat hit? What factors affect it? Let’s find out together in this article.



                                          What is a throat hit?

The throat hit during smoking refers to the irritation to the back of the throat caused by the smoke being inhaled into the mouth.
A strong throat hit refers to the rapid and strong stimulation to the back of the throat after the smoke enters the mouth. In many ways, the process is very similar to the sensation of inhaling a traditional cigarette. For new users, the strong throat hit is enough to make you cough.
The soft throat hit means that the smoke enters smoothly and descends smoothly in the mouth without causing too much irritation to the throat.


                                 Where does the throat hit come from?

When we explore where the throat hit comes from, we need to return to the essence of electronic atomization liquid. See the subtle details to know the cuteness, see the end to know the end, analyze its components and trace the source of the feeling.
It is known that nicotine content plays a significant role in the perception of throat hit. Usually, the higher the concentration of nicotine, the greater the irritation to the throat and the stronger the throat hit, and vice versa.
Many people who make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes experience dryness or irritation in the throat after vaping.
However, even atomized liquids with the same nicotine content will bring different throat hit experiences due to different nicotine purity. High-purity nicotine has faster release and absorption efficiency, and its throat hit will be stronger.
In addition, PG (propylene glycol), another main component in the atomized liquid, will also cause obvious irritation to the throat. Therefore, atomization liquids with high PG content will have a stronger throat hitting sensation.
Of course, as the main flavor source of electronic atomization liquid, the comprehensive effect of flavors and fragrances will bring a rich and rich flavor experience. At the same time, there are also some special spices, such as mint, citrus, tobacco flavor, etc., which will also produce a certain degree of irritation to the throat during the inhalation process, and will also cause a throat hit.
Throat hit influence: Sub-ohm coils, used at higher wattages, tend to produce more vapour and a more intense throat hit due to increased heat and vapour


                                                                           Other factors affecting throat hit

The process of smoking electronic atomization liquid is an extremely complex sensory experience, and the composition of the atomization liquid is only the tip of the iceberg that affects the smoking experience. In this rich and colorful flavor experience, not only can personal subjective feelings have a completely different impact, but also differences in equipment can bring about a different smoking experience.
(1) Equipment power
The power of atomization equipment has a crucial impact on the amount of smoke. When the power of the atomization device is higher, more abundant and higher-temperature atomized smoke will burst out, resulting in a stronger throat hit. Of course, if you want less stimulation, you can reduce the power for a softer puffing experience.
(2) Type of atomizing core
Another important influencing factor is the type of atomizer core. When the resistance of the atomizer core is low, the wire is thicker, and the passage of higher current can bring higher temperature, which in turn produces a larger amount and higher temperature of atomized smoke, resulting in a stronger throat hit feeling.
(3) Airflow settings
The air inlet hole of the atomizer can provide a channel for gas circulation, deliver the smoke to the mouth and adjust its richness. Therefore, the airflow setting of the atomizer also has a certain impact on the throat hit feeling. Tightening the airflow can make the smoke more concentrated, resulting in a powerful throat hit and richer flavor, while a more open airflow setting tends to lessen the impact on the throat.
Use a higher nicotine strength e-juice. Higher nicotine concentrations provide more of a throat hit so the stronger the vape juice
The impact of the characteristics of the vaping device on the vaping experience is obvious. This means that, with the same atomizing liquid, you can obtain a higher throat hit feeling by choosing an atomizing device with high power, low resistance, and concentrated air flow. The combination of different atomization equipment and different atomization liquids can produce tens of thousands of comprehensive flavor experiences to meet the personalized needs of many consumers.

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