Pre-oiling on the rise? The Greek e-cigarette exhibition attracted many leading brands such as AROMA-KING and ELF bar!

The first e-cigarette exhibition in Eastern Europe, what did you see in Greece?

Just in mid-October, the 2023 Greek e-cigarette exhibition (October 2023 Vapexpro Greece) was held as scheduled. This exhibition also kicked off the Eastern European market structure. Many e-cigarette companies have also set their sights on Eastern Europe. Looking back, Eastern Europeans were still wearing short-sleeves at this conference, and the overall popularity was not very popular, but there was a scene, there were e-cigarette enthusiasts, and it was quite passionate. Overseas, this scenario is an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in a vibrant circle scene, exchange knowledge, and experience these merchants’ shared enthusiasm for e-cigarettes. Every conversation, interaction and shared laugh created unforgettable memories and furthered the world of vaping.

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(At the scene, some brands appeared)

It can be seen from the scene that at the e-cigarette exhibition in Greece, there are many products with large puffs, large capacity, reloading cartridges, and e-liquids, and many pre-filled products. The overall product style is more black and atmospheric. For example, you will see that AROMA-KING, a mainstream brand in the Eastern European market, has brought 7,000 products. There are also brands that bring pod systems. For example, VOOM brings disposable pod kits. These pods are set up in one pod.

The e-liquids of Daddy’s Vapor and Dinner Lady Monster Lab are relatively popular and have great exposure on site. Also because the number of participating companies is not large, the actions of each company on site may be relatively focused.


(Scene picture)

This time, the Greek Electronic Cigarette Exhibition welcomed some leading companies from AiMiracle.

While Poland attracts companies such as AROMA-KING, Heyuan, Selmet, RELX, and SMOK, Greece attracts companies such as Miracle, AROMA-KING, vozol, vapesoul, and HQD. Among them, AROMA-KING was present at both games.

Looking at the list of Greece this year from the official website, there are also a number of brands participating, about 80 (divided into ABC areas, each area has about 30 booths), many of which are Chinese companies, the list includes Elf bar, Daddy’s Vapor , Dinner Lady Monster Lab, BlackOut, HQD, SMOK-E, VOOM, ARTERY, VAMPED, ESMOO, AROMA–KING, GOLD BAR, VAPES BARS, VAPE NOVA, HELLAS DSA, MOSMO and other companies.

Exhibitions such as ELF BAR, AROMA-KING, GOLD BAR, VAPES BARS, and HQD are relatively prominent this time.

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At present, the market is changing.

For example, gradually, some changes. SKE has updated its pod product line in Europe, the UK, Germany and other countries, and plans to launch environmentally friendly disposables; at the same time, ELF BAR is also launching a new pod kit in Europe, and will launch the nicotine bag TACJA in the UK, Switzerland and Sweden! This change seems to reveal some information.

Including the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, which have been occupied all at once, the reloading type and the pre-oiled open type have also begun to appear, especially the upgraded iteration of the pod pre-oiled open pod. Will it bring new changes?

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In particular, the rise of reloading of oil-refilled open cartridges and the separation of equipment and oil is worth paying attention to whether it will trigger the accelerated development of the e-liquid market or the demand for cartridges!

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