Which Shenzhen electronic cigarette factory is stronger

E-cigarettes are mainly composed of four parts: e-liquid (including nicotine, essence, solvent propylene glycol, etc.), heating system, power supply and filter tip. Aerosol with specific smell is produced by heating and atomizing for smokers to use. In a broad sense, electronic cigarettes refer to electronic nicotine delivery systems, including electronic cigarettes, hookahs, hookah pens and other forms. In a narrow sense, electronic cigarettes refer to portable electronic cigarettes that are similar in appearance to cigarettes. With the strict implementation of indoor smoking ban in China, e-cigarettes have become the darling of the new generation of smokers, and have become just-needed products in indoor scenes. If you want to sell e-cigarettes in this industry, which one is better in odm, an electronic atomization device like e-cigarettes?
Founded in Shenzhen, China in 2019, mkg vape is a global electronic atomization device manufacturing service provider. The main core business is to provide comprehensive odm solutions for electronic cigarettes such as electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), CBD/THC atomization equipment and dry burning equipment, low temperature non-combustion hardware (HnB Device). Its electronic nicotine delivery system uses a low-pressure microelectronic atomization device to transmit aerosol by heating the atomized liquid. In the odm link of physical products, customized battery rods, customized e-liquid modulation, customized packaging design and PMTA applications required for product launch can be realized.
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Its CBD/THC atomization technology is a technical innovation on the traditional nicotine atomization equipment specially developed for CBD/THC oil. And its heat-not-burn technology, English HnB (Heat not Burn), is a new type of product that combines atomizers and combustion materials. It is a “low-temperature cigarette” designed with the idea of “heat-not-burn”.
mkg vapor has a solid electronic atomization equipment odm technology platform advantage. It owns cotton core atomization technology, e-liquid flavoring technology, ceramic core atomization technology, product safety technology, CBD atomization technology, compliance testing technology, HNB atomization Technology and green environmental protection technology revolve around the technical advantages in the field of electronic atomization. It has accumulated 9 software copyrights, 69 invention patents, 121 utility model patents, 190 product appearance patents, and 11 PCT!

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