China’s e-cigarette supply chain takes root in the Eastern European market!

The market in Eastern Europe is an e-cigarette market that is not sufficiently developed, comprehensive, or very new. The 17 Eastern European countries are different from the very mature Western European market, but Eastern Europe’s consumption power and acceptance of e-cigarettes are not lower than those of Western Europe. There is a lot of consumption potential and market space for new tobaccos here, including international giants such as Philip Morris International, and the sales of new tobaccos here are very good.

Poland’s geographical location determines its importance in the Eastern European e-cigarette market.

First, Poland is located in the northeast of Germany. It is also the core of northeast Europe and the center of the European continent. Warsaw and even the second largest city Krakow in Poland are very important. For example, Krakow is known as the “historical capital of Poland” and is a famous European tourist city. A large number of tourists and consumers come to this city every year, and it also has many leading e-cigarette channel distributors.

At the same time, Warsaw is the largest city in Poland. It is located on the west bank of the middle reaches of the Vistula River. It is the largest domestic industry, trade, scientific and cultural center and the largest transportation hub. Because of its bustling business, it has also attracted a large number of e-cigarette channels. Take root and develop. Krakow is not only the essence of Polish tourism, but also a large e-cigarette distribution center, home to many “big players” in e-cigarette channels. Including international e-cigarette giant Philip Morris International’s new investment plan of more than 1 billion zloty also points to Krakow, Poland.

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Secondly, the impact of e-cigarettes in Poland is not only on Poland itself, but also on the surrounding two important e-cigarette markets, Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine and Russia are currently in a very chaotic situation, but some companies can radiate these two markets through Poland and promote the development of e-cigarette business in stable areas, which has strategic significance.

3. Poland radiates to the continental center of Eastern Europe.

In many developed countries in Eastern Europe, Poland’s radiation circle extends beyond the Czech Republic to Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Estonia and other regions. Poland is the most prosperous and powerful country in eastern Europe. Its commercial status and e-cigarette channel development are of great importance to China’s e-cigarette supply chain in the Eastern European market.

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The core plan aims to achieve the distribution effect, so that more core channel dealers such as Poland and neighboring first-level channels such as the Czech Republic and Hungary will re-recognize China’s supply chain, from establishing initial impressions to proactive and in-depth cooperation with future possibilities.

Products such as AROMA KING, YUOTO, PEAK BAR, JELLYBOX, VOOPOO, VECEE, SUPER MARY, Smiler vape, LEME, etc. will all appear in Poland. AROMA KING can be said to be a relatively good brand in Poland at present. At the same time, because the Polish e-liquid market is huge, e-liquid brands such as JVS have also appeared in Poland. In addition to some mainstream promotion of disposable products, some Polish companies have also launched new pod systems this time, including disposable pods, open oil filling equipment, etc.

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