Traditional Tobacco Distributors in African Countries are Looking for Chinese Disposable Factories

African channel dealer REBELA is an important traditional tobacco distribution and wholesaler in Namibia.

She came to Germany this time to find disposable factories, and also hoped to use the Dortmund conference to learn about Chinese factory cooperation. And they also want to take advantage of the opportunity of traditional tobacco to transform into e-cigarettes, and use their own strong channel network resources of traditional tobacco to develop the e-cigarette market in Namibia, and even build their own brand.

Namibia, located in the southwest of Africa, has a population of 2.5 million. It can be said to be a major tobacco market in Africa. The port here is in a superior location. China Tobacco Company has actually entered this region to develop the market very early. Many market development companies can use Namibia as the core area, and the market linkage radiates to sales networks in Zambia, Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and other southern African regions. Of course, the development of e-cigarettes here will also affect the development of the entire West African market.

So, what kind of demands does this channel dealer have for Chinese factories?

What do they think about e-cigarettes? What are your demands? CVIC also specially interviewed this Namibian channel dealer, and she said, “They have ODM needs.”.

Distributors value Chinese factory resources!

They said they wanted to find good factories in China, and eventually wanted to try to make their own brands, put their trademarks on their products, and sell them in their own markets. At the same time, they themselves are already selling some Chinese brand products. So they said they would choose good products or manufacturers to cooperate with from here.

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(very interested in Chinese factories)

Africa attaches great importance to disposables and the “sustainability” of e-cigarette use!

Namibia, located in southwest Africa, was originally a German colony. It is world-famous for its diamond resources and has the oldest desert in the world.

This Namibian channel dealer is a wholesaler of groceries. He is a distributor company in Namibia, distributing tobacco and other products. The goal of his visit to Dortmund this time is to find brands or manufacturers to cooperate with, and he prefers one-time use, because it is a one-time delivery. To achieve simplicity and adapt to the usage habits of African users.

The channel operator said that everyone from local stores to small business dealers will cooperate to sell their products.

We are also trying different ways to open up the market. It said that “it can be partially provided to customers for free” and that these methods can be tried to attract users.

When asked about the requirements for selecting products and manufacturers, the channel dealer said that in terms of product selection, it is important to seek diversity and sustainability, and it is crucial to choose products that customers like and accept.

We can choose the products here to cooperate with manufacturers and then distribute the products.

At the same time, we also pay attention to the source of our products, because consumers need to know where they come from.

Regarding the future of e-cigarettes, the channel dealer said that he hopes to see more sustainable and non-waste products. We don’t want it to produce too much plastic waste. We want some sustainability and options to reduce single-use. Hope for more improved products.

Finally, he said, “We are just looking for Chinese friends to cooperate with us, and we can sell together to gain market share.”

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