Disassembly of high-Power Atomizing Core Structure

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E-cigarettes are divided into small cigarettes and large cigarettes according to the amount of smoke.

Some people in the industry call them oral cigarettes and lung cigarettes respectively. From the working principle, the essential difference between large cigarettes and small cigarettes lies in the power. The greater the power, the greater the amount of mist produced. When using it, it must penetrate deep into the lungs. Oral inhalation and lung inhalation are called Comes from this.

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In addition, the atomizing core of the big smoke can be disassembled and replaced separately, and it is also called the finished atomizing core, but this term does not seem to be common in the industry. In any case, the core of the smoke is the atomizer core. Let’s take a look at its structure today.
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First, let’s look at the overall structure of the large cigarette atomizer, which is mainly the atomizer + battery pole. The atomizer consists of a nozzle, a top cover, an atomizing core, a glass chamber, etc.
Then the structure of the atomizer core mainly includes a heating core (commonly an etched mesh core, but also ceramic cores and heating wires), oil-conducting cotton, sealing rings, shells, bases, etc.
At present, large cigarette atomizers are mainly popular in the European and American markets, and the consumer group is mainly professional players. Although it is not a mass product, its related technology can be radiated to small cigarettes. For example, some cotton wicks used in disposable e-cigarettes are now available. It has a similar structure to the large atomizer core, but the difference is that it becomes smaller and more slender. As for whether other technologies can continue to shine in pod cigarettes, it depends on the continued technological iteration of the e-cigarette industry.

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