Learn these tips for playing with electronic cigarettes, and you will become a master of smoking

Are you envious of watching the smoke show performed by Internet celebrities? In fact, it is very simple, follow to learn the skills of exhaling smoke, you will soon be able to master the skills, keep practicing, and you will be the next smoke master!

1. Breathe out an O-shaped smoke ring.

I believe that many people asked you to blow a smoke ring to prove it after knowing that you smoke, right? No, follow the steps below to learn

1. Take a deep breath of the e-cigarette and let a large amount of smoke be pressed into your throat;

2. Press the tongue down;

3. Open your lips into an O shape, and slowly push out the smoke with your throat;

4. With the adjustment of the lips, slowly change the size of the smoke ring.

2. Smoke from seven orifices

The smoke is spit out from the nose and the corners of the mouth, it looks super cool~

1. Take a deep breath of the e-cigarette for as long as possible, remember not to inhale in the middle;

2. Exhale forcefully from both sides of the nose and mouth at the same time.

3. Waterfall

The smoke goes from your mouth to your nose and it looks like a waterfall is flowing in your face.

1. Smoking e-cigarettes for as long as possible, but do not inhale them into the throat;

2. Stretch out the lower jaw, a bit like biting someone;

3. Slowly open your mouth and let the smoke float out by itself;

4. Use your nose to inhale the wafting smoke.

All of the above are favorite methods of young people. There are some brands of e-cigarettes. Even if you don’t know these trendy methods, it will look very face-saving as long as you take them out. For example, the smart big smoke, which is quite good-looking, and MKG KG231. Friends who have experienced it say that the design is very high-end, and the taste is also good in all aspects. If you are a middle-aged person, you should prefer this low-key and restrained one to show your own. Fan children.

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