The difference between MESH atomizing core/horizontal atomizing core

1. The difference between the atomizing core and the cotton contact area

1. Mesh is a grid similar to metal bars, usually made of materials such as iron chromium or nickel chromium alloy. It is designed to increase the surface area where the metal contacts the cotton.

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 2. The horizontal atomizing core is made of a metal wire wound into a “helical shape” and placed in cotton.

 Difference: Mesh has more areas in contact with cotton for heating and atomization.

The surface area of the Mesh atomizing core is sufficient and quickly contacts the cotton, which is very effective in absorbing e-liquid, and the continuous atomization time is longer than that of the coil.

The horizontal atomizing core is a coil that absorbs e-liquid at a slower rate; the contact area is smaller than Mesh, so it is suitable for smaller pods and mods.

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2. The difference in the amount of atomized e-liquid per unit time

Mesh atomizing core has more surface area and more metal to heat e-liquid, so the amount of atomized e-liquid per unit time is larger than horizontal atomizing core

3. Differences in atomization particle size

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In the case of the same load power, we can see from the data table that the atomization particle size of the Mesh atomizing core is generally higher than that of the horizontal atomizing core

4. Differences in suction experience

Mesh atomizing core:

1. Inhale hotter

2. Bigger clouds

3. Spices can be volatilized better and fully, so the taste is richer and the taste is better

Mesh have a larger surface area than horizontal coils for the same amount of current, and they also provide more even heating as the current is spread over a larger surface area. This means that Mesh coils are less likely to dry out than horizontal coils, they draw cooler smoke, and because more smoke doesn’t get hotter, they also generally last longer. This is why a large vaporizer must use Mesh, because higher wattage evaporation requires a coil that can withstand this higher power and heat. Mesh mesh is generally better at creating greater steam and delivering better flavor.

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