Overseas E-cigarette Technology Trends in 2023: Fuel Capacity And Power Screen Display

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Disposable e-cigarettes have been troubled by issues such as environmental protection and attracting teenagers overseas. However, because they provide convenience, portability, satisfying taste, and are constantly iteratively updated in terms of functionality and appearance, they have become a popular e-cigarette product overseas. .

As the needs of overseas consumer markets continue to evolve, users are beginning to pursue more possibilities: What should you do if you want to know how much battery and e-liquid is left in your device? What should you do if you want to avoid the dry inhalation taste and low battery accidents? What should you do if you want your e-cigarette to look more premium? These demands have contributed to the rise of disposable e-cigarettes with displays.

Disposable e-cigarettes with a fuel-electric display are a new trend that emerged after Elfbar launched the Funky Republic TI7000. Since then, more brands have launched their own disposable e-cigarettes with displays.

For example, the iJoy Bar IC8000: is a high-capacity disposable device that provides 8,000 puffs and uses a similar design and screen to the Funky Republic TI7000. In addition, there are Vapengin Pluto 7500, Vabeen FLEX AIR Ultra, etc.

Displays on disposable e-cigarettes have many benefits:

First, it allows users to see the device’s accurate e-liquid and power levels, so users can plan ahead to avoid accidentally running out of e-liquid or power, which also prevents the core from dry-burning.

Secondly, the display adds a sense of sophistication to the device, making it look more like a premium product rather than a disposable one.

Third, the display can also show other information such as number of inhalations, voltage, resistance, time, date, etc., depending on the device model. This could help users more easily monitor e-cigarette habits and preferences

Types of oil-electric displays

Different types of displays can be used on disposable e-cigarettes, the most common ones are LED screens, LCD screens and OLED screens. There are some differences between them:

A mod screen/ display is extremely useful in a regulated vaping device. The screen or display is the interface which allows the user to monitor or adjust

LED screen: LED is the abbreviation of light-emitting diode. LED screens use tiny lights to create images on the screen and are characterized by high brightness, energy saving and durability. However, their resolution and contrast are lower than LCD or OLED screens.

LCD screen: LCD is the abbreviation of liquid crystal display. LCD screens use liquid crystals to create images on the screen and are characterized by being thin, light, and with high resolution and contrast. However, they consume more power than LED screens and have worse viewing angles than OLED screens. LCD screens are divided into dot matrix screens and broken code screens. The broken code screens can only display characters and numbers, while the dot matrix screens can not only display numbers but also Chinese characters and images. The broken code screen is also much cheaper in price.

OLED screen: OLED is the abbreviation for organic light-emitting diode. OLED screens use organic materials to create images on the screen, which are characterized by flexibility, vividness, and excellent viewing angles. However, they are more expensive than LED or LCD screens and have a shorter lifespan due to the degradation of organic materials.

Disposable vape with led screen display have become a trending topic in the disposable vape industry, bringing advanced functionalities and increased user
Arobar is new disposable vape product. Digital screen smart displays e-liquid capacity and power control. 22ml e-liquid capacity by 1.0 ohm mesh coil

Disposable e-cigarettes with screens may continue to become popular in 2024. Just as dual-core disposable e-cigarettes bring better taste to users, disposable e-cigarettes with displays also bring different satisfaction to users. demand experience. As technology advances, we can expect more functions and features to be applied to e-cigarettes, such as touch control, voice control, Bluetooth connection, etc.

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