Visited a chain wholesaler of electronic cigarettes in Dortmund

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With the end of the Dortmund Tobacco Conference, one-on-one door-to-door visits to regional distributors in Dortmund, Berlin, Frankfurt and other regions will begin.
During today’s visit to Dortmund, I discovered that I visited a large e-cigarette chain store in Dortmund, the VPOR chain store, and found that it mainly engages in wholesale and retail sales, with a turnover of 4,000-5,000 euros per day and 80,000-100,000 euros per month. Euro (equivalent to a scale of no less than 130,000 USD), with outstanding results. Although Dortmund is a small city, e-cigarettes also have a new sales scale.

1. The monthly turnover of a single store is as high as USD 130,000!
MKG came to a VPOR chain store in Dortmund. It has a large store with many categories. It can be said that it is the largest wholesale and retail enterprise of e-cigarette TOB in the area. The furnishings in the store are also very exquisite, and there is a particularly large seating area for consumers to experience.

According to the person in charge of the store, it can achieve a daily turnover of 4,000 to 5,000 euros and a monthly turnover of 80,000 to 100,000 euros (calculated based on 22 working days), which is equivalent to a turnover of 600,000 to 800,000 yuan. This scale is already quite large.
Locally, the Dortmund vpor chain can be said to be the largest e-cigarette chain in the area. The goods are all purchased from the largest local e-cigarette wholesaler (intrade).

(This awesome e-cigarette chain store)
2. A one-time decline and become the mainstream of Dortmund chain stores!
In Germany, which has passed the tobacco oil tax, the sales categories in the market have changed during this year.
What is interesting is that the best-selling item in the store is reloading cartridges. The proportion of one-time sales continues to decline.
According to the person in charge of the chain store, the star product in the store is the reloading kiwi, which can be recharged, reloaded and filled with oil. The principle is the same as that of IQOS portable charging. Now local consumers mainly buy this category, and can sell 20-30 pieces a day, mainly because they are easy to use and can be charged at any time without so much trouble.

Judging from on-site revelations, pre-filled devices are the hottest sellers.
According to the market data disclosed, the sales ratio of this chain store is mods accounting for 10%; pods accounting for 80%; and disposable disposables accounting for 10%.
However, this chain store sells many types of products, from small cigarette equipment to large machines and equipment, to disposables.
The one-time items are mainly ELF BAR, IVG, LOST MARY, and Crystal.
The person in charge also said that last year, 100 disposable items might be sold in a day, but this year there are only 50 items, a serious decline. Because of environmental issues, users choose to give up and choose to reload, or it can be said to switch to reloading and refueling. The product.

3. Which brands have high visibility?
On the shelves, the mainstream ones are mainly 600 pieces.
Visible products include MOTI, aspire, BP MODS, kiwi, ELF BAR, IVG, Crystal, lost mary, OXVA, etc. Among them, LOST MARY, IVG, and kiwi have a high listing rate.
4. ELF’s e-liquid is more expensive than local e-liquid!
Many bottles of e-liquid were also found on the shelves.
It was also discovered at the scene that ELF BAR e-liquid was found in a chain store in Dortmund, and the price of local European e-liquid is 8-9 euros, but ELF bar e-liquid is the most expensive, reaching 9 euros. This shows that Chinese e-liquids are still popular in overseas markets. Very confident.
The e-liquids in the store are mainly 10ml, and basically 90% of them are in this capacity.
To sum up, a visit to the Dortmund e-cigarette chain store found that sales at the retail end of corresponding channels in Germany have declined at one time, and the magnitude is very large, basically half!
Instead, reload.
Like VPOR, a chain store in Dortmund, the star product is already reloading cartridges, especially Refilling pod system that can be filled with oil.
From its sales ratio, it is also found that the sales proportion of pre-filled products has reached as high as 80%, which potentially means that some retail markets in Germany are already changing. This is something that Chinese companies and factories can pay close attention to! At the same time, because of Europe’s ban on disposable possibilities, which may be the most stringent supervision in the future, the current retail market has undergone subtle changes in terms of categories.
Recyclable, rechargeable, and oil-refillable cartridges are gradually becoming popular among German consumers. This window is coming! Environmentally friendly and recyclable products are flooding the market.

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