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Bahrain disposable e-cigarette market

As a country that allows the sale and use of e-cigarettes, some disposable e-cigarette products are also available in the Bahrain market. However, it should be noted that disposable e-cigarettes sold in the Bahrain e-cigarette market need to meet local standards and regulations to ensure product quality and safety.

For Bahrain consumers, when choosing disposable e-cigarettes, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Choose products from reliable brands and manufacturers with production qualifications.

2. When purchasing disposable e-cigarettes, you need to check the production date and shelf life of the e-cigarette product to ensure that the product has not expired.

3. Before purchasing disposable e-cigarettes, you should check local laws and regulations, choose legal sales channels to purchase, and ensure the authenticity and legality of the product.

4. When using disposable e-cigarettes, you need to comply with local regulations, such as prohibiting smoking of e-cigarettes in public places.

بافضل BAFZAL

سكاي فيب SKY Vape

فيبو Vibo

رويال فيب Royal Vape

فيبوز VIBOZ

These brands of disposable e-cigarette products are very popular in the Bahrain market as they offer a convenient, easy-to-use e-cigarette option.

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Bahrain e-cigarette market

Although the Bahrain government has not completely banned the sale and use of e-cigarettes, the country’s e-cigarette market is relatively small. Currently, Bahrain’s e-cigarette market is mainly sold by some international e-cigarette brands, while the number of local e-cigarette manufacturers is relatively small. According to Bahraini media reports, only a few local e-cigarette brands sell their products in the Bahrain market, while other brands are mainly imported from abroad.

Bahrain’s e-cigarette market is subject to some restrictions, such as the implementation of a ban on smoking in public places, which also applies to e-cigarette smokers. In addition, the government has been working hard to promote awareness of the dangers of smoking and its impact on overall health and the environment. These restrictions and publicity may have a certain impact on the size and growth of Bahrain’s e-cigarette market.

Overall, although the size of the e-cigarette market in Bahrain is limited, customers’ considerations of quality and value make it possible to purchase luxury e-cigarette products. As the e-cigarette market continues to grow and the government strengthens its publicity efforts, e-cigarettes may gradually become more popular in Bahrain.

The latest (2023) development of the e-cigarette market in the Middle East

The e-cigarette market in the Middle East is relatively new. However, it has experienced significant growth in recent years and is expected to grow in the coming years. The demand for e-cigarette products has increased in the Middle East due to their increasing popularity as a smoking alternative or smoking cessation tool. This has led to an increase in the number of vape shops and the launch of new vape products in the Middle East. Manufacturers are constantly launching new e-liquid flavors to attract consumers and increase their market share. In addition, e-cigarette brands are expanding their presence in the Middle East, with some companies opening new retail stores to meet the growing demand for e-cigarette products.

Companies in the Middle East e-cigarette market are investing heavily in research and development activities to improve the quality and safety of their products in the e-cigarette industry. Governments are beginning to regulate the e-cigarette market, with some countries imposing restrictions on advertising and sales to teenagers. This is expected to have a significant impact on the Middle East e-cigarette market in the coming years.

Overview of the e-cigarette market in the Middle East

The Middle East e-cigarette market is expected to witness growth owing to the growing preference for the product among the Arab population as it tends to reduce tobacco cravings, reduce consumption of traditional cigarettes, and is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, the consumption of e-cigarettes is associated with fewer health problems than the consumption of traditional cigarettes, which has led to the increasing adoption of e-cigarettes in Arab countries. Additionally, several Middle Eastern governments support e-cigarettes as a public health tool to eradicate traditional smoking habits, thereby raising awareness of the advantages of e-cigarettes over traditional smoking methods.

According to 6Wresearch, the Middle East e-cigarette market size is expected to grow throughout the 2020-2026F forecast period.

Not only the Middle East market, but also the global e-cigarette market will grow at a compound annual rate of 30.6%.

Bahrain e-cigarette sales channels

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1. Shopping malls and convenience stores

Some large commercial centers and convenience stores in Bahrain, such as Seef Mall, City Center Mall and Lulu Hypermarket, have many e-cigarette sales points for consumers to purchase. Consumers can choose from a large number of e-cigarette brands and flavors in these places, and it is also convenient to compare products and prices of different brands.

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2. Online sales platform

With the continuous development of e-commerce, more and more e-cigarette brands choose to sell e-cigarette products on Bahrain’s online sales platforms, such as Amazon, Carrefour UAE, etc. Consumers can purchase e-cigarette products on these platforms and enjoy various preferential activities and after-sales services.

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E-cigarette products can also be purchased in some large commercial supermarkets in Bahrain, such as Karafes. These supermarkets also provide a variety of brands and flavors of e-cigarette products, allowing consumers to purchase the products they need in one place.

It should be noted that when purchasing e-cigarette products, you must pay attention to fake and shoddy products on the market. Therefore, before choosing a sales platform, you should understand its credibility and reputation, and it is recommended to choose a sales platform with a regular e-cigarette brand to purchase e-cigarette products to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

Introduction to the more popular e-cigarette brands in the Bahrain market

The following is an introduction to some of the more popular e-cigarette brands in the Bahrain market:


JUUL is a relatively well-known disposable e-cigarette brand, and it is also very popular in the Bahrain market. JUUL is sold in retail stores such as shopping malls and convenience stores, and can also be purchased on various online sales platforms. JUUL is characterized by convenience, easy operation, excellent taste, and obvious atomization effect.

2. Blu

Bul is another very popular brand of disposable e-cigarettes and their products are also available in various supermarkets and retail stores in Bahrain. Blu e-cigarettes have a moderate taste, are easy to operate, and have high safety performance.


VYPE is a British e-cigarette brand. Its products have unique designs and sturdy appearances. Their suppliers are certified and their quality is guaranteed. VYPE’s products can be found in supermarkets and some retail stores in Bahrain.


MyBlu is a new generation of e-cigarettes produced by Blu Company. Its easy operation, comfortable taste and body colors of various colors make this e-cigarette very popular in the Bahrain e-cigarette market. MyBlu products can be purchased on some e-commerce platforms in Bahrain.

In short, in the Bahrain market, consumers can choose different sales platforms to purchase, and there are also a variety of excellent e-cigarette brands to choose from, allowing consumers to choose the most suitable product according to their needs.

Bahrain is an important trading location due to its central location on the Persian Gulf, an important hub connecting Asia and Europe. Bahrain’s economy mainly relies on service industries such as trade, finance and tourism, of which trade is one of the most important industries.

Due to Bahrain’s strategic location, it serves as an important trade center in the Middle East and is home to the regional headquarters and branches of many international companies. The Port of Bahrain is one of the largest ports in the Persian Gulf and an important trade gateway for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. In addition, Bahrain is also a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and trade with other GCC members is also very active.

Due to its strategic location and importance in the Middle East, Bahrain’s trading location is of great significance to both regional and global trade.

As one of the earliest countries in the Middle East to trade e-cigarettes, Bahrain’s distribution system is quite mature. Bahrain has successfully held several e-cigarette exhibitions with complete supporting facilities. With the end of the epidemic, the latest Bahrain International E-cigarette Exhibition is scheduled for 2024. From January 18th to 20th, the investment promotion is in full swing.

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