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What is Vape OEM and ODM

When you are finding a vape manufacturer or vape supplier in China to produce your vape products, you probably hear of OEM and ODM. They are widely used in the manufacturing industry to detail the manufacturing characteristics of each e-cigarette product.

But what does vape OEM or ODM actually mean? And what’ s different between them? You should know these basic concepts when you find a vape manufacturing partner. We will answer these questions so you can have a good start on your project.

So without further ado, let’ s go ahead.

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OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer
With OEM, the Original Equipment Manufacturer, the manufacturer is only in charge of the mass production and quality inspection process. They manufacture the products precisely according to your design. That means you have to design the product from zero. You will have more control over what the outcomes will look like and what raw materials you wish to be used. The manufacturer will follow your guidelines, and you can closely observe all the steps.

A good example to give you a clear idea of this is thinking about Apple, Inc. They design the iPhone from scratch and ask the OEM manufacturers to produce the final products under their guidelines. Apple fully controls the R&D, engineering design, etc.


ODM: Original Design e-cigarette Manufacturer
ODM, the Original Design Manufacturer, unlike the OEM, you don’ t have to dive deeply into the design process. The factory creates the product and produces them. They market these pre-designed products as a white label so you can simply put your branding on the chosen products. This is the best option when you don’ t have enough time or skill to go through the whole design process from scratch. You can focus on branding and marketing.
Have you ever seen so much the same looks of disposable vapes but only with different colors and Logos? That’ s an ODM disposable vape kit pre-designed by manufacturers.

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